Our Approach, Restoring Health Naturally
Our ApproachOur approach is restoring spinal health naturally, not masking your symptoms. We offer chiropractic manipulative therapy to restore normal, pain-free range of motion and correct alignment. We also suggest massage therapy to reduce muscle spasm and restore function. Cold laser therapy and other physiotherapeutics are used to reduce inflammation and pain.

Custom designed programs with rehabilitative stretches and strengthening exercises are demonstrated and performed in our office. Emphasis on eliminating aggregative causes by analyzing your home and work activities and posture will help speed your recovery and prevent reoccurrence.

We believe that peak performance starts with structural balance. The nerves that pass through the structures of the spine control every system regulating health. Structure is balanced when joints and muscles function optimally and the spinal cord and nerves communicate effectively. Spinal alignment matters!

Structural balance is examined with posture, strength and range of motion testing. Routine exams monitor progress and reports are provided. Pain and symptoms are sometimes not present until a condition is advanced and are not a good measure for structural health. Degenerative joint and disc disease present without symptoms. We encourage chiropractic care to address problems that may occur with trauma, improper lifting and ergonomics, bad posture and the day to day stresses on the spine.

Our chiropractic treatment is expected to get results. Our goal is cost-effective and safe treatment. A detailed chiropractic consultation and examination will be performed before treatment. An explanation of the condition with a written report of our exam findings, diagnosis, treatment options, goals, and prognosis is available to every new patient. We will explain our recommendations and treatment in advance. If your condition is a chiropractic case, treatment will begin on the first visit and progress will be measured with routine examinations. We focus on preventing recurrences with rehabilitative conditioning and supporting exercises, ergonomic suggestions, and supportive or maintenance care recommendations. We always leave your health care decisions up to you.

Convenient: Our commitment to our patients starts with our service. Our office keeps much longer office hours than most clinics to allow for more time with the physician and less time waiting for your appointment. We have appointment times available from 8am to 8pm and Saturday morning.

Affordable: We believe our treatment should be affordable. Adjustments are under $35 if you pay at the time of the service. The quality of our care is never compromised. Routine maintenance visits are recommended to prevent conditions that may not present with symptoms from developing into more complex issues.  


We promote spinal health and encourage patients to have routine adjustments (usually monthly).  Misalignments can occur from the day-to-day stresses of life, prolonged sitting, improper lifting, bad posture and trauma.  Improper alignment and mobility can lead to pre-mature wear and tear and cause degenerative changes to develop later in life.  Our treatment programs are designed to slow or prevent these arthritic changes.   
Techniques and methods vary depending on the condition of the spine. Our office utilizes massage, manual therapy and many chiropractic techniques including:

• Activator
• Flexion-Distraction
• Drop
• Diversified
• Gonstead techniques

The benefits of chiropractic for wellness are used by millions of people every day. Chiropractic's efficiency and safety has been proven with numerous research studies.